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About RBE

RoboBusiness Europe is all about looking into new and exciting robotics ideas. There has never been a faster rate of new ideas. Robotic technologies and uses are getting better thanks to stronger silicon chips, digital sensors, and high-bandwidth connections. RoboBusiness is where you can make real connections and learn about the newest trends.


The goal of this event is to share useful knowledge and bring people together in important ways. RoboBusiness Europe and TUS Expo are the only places where you can talk to experts in the market for flying systems and robots. It will be about the biggest issues and all the most important problems. Come meet important business people.


Would you like to get in touch with sellers, customers, and/or business partners, both new and old? Do you want to show off your new product to people all over the world, share your knowledge at conferences, get new ideas, and learn about the newest Robotics developments firsthand? Then include RoboBusiness in your marketing plan every year.


More than half of the important connections made at an event happen between two people who are there. But how do you know which booths and conference attendees are full of interesting possible business partners? How can you tell if their hobbies are the same as yours? tourists and vendors can introduce themselves and meet other tourists during the Business-to-Business Matchmaking meetings. You have 20โ€“30 minute “speed dates” with other people to quickly find out what you have in common.


These recurring ideas will be present in both the meeting schedule and the whole show hall. The program is shown on a timeline so that readers can get a clear picture of how it will work. Taking a look at the tools and businesses that are available now, tomorrow, and in the future will help us understand how far our industry has come.


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